Google Phone Number: 0800 328 6081

Phone Google customer services for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 328 6081 for technical assistance, for PlayStore app support and to purchase a new Pixel smartphone device.

Google originated as a search engine for finding facts on the web but now is one of the largest technology companies in the globe adding advertising, artificial intelligence, Android mobile operating system and software apps to their core business. You should phone their main customer service phone number 0800 328 6081 for free for technical support with a app download from their PlayStore and to book a repair appointment for your Chromebook laptop device. You should also call this helpline to place a telephone order for their latest Pixel smartphone handsets, where you can also get the technical specifications to help you decide whether to buy these phones. If you have already made an online purchase you can call this helpline to track your order and to notify them that your items haven’t arrived. Similarly if your child mistakenly made an in-app purchase you can phone this helpline to get a refund on your registered bank card. Finally please call this helpline to request a free Google Voice internet phone number so that you can stay in touch with your relatives without incurring hefty call costs.

As mentioned Google customer services use a freephone helpline thus you can call them for free from any UK landline or mobile telephone. Lines are open 8am-8pm on weekdays and 9am-5pm on Saturdays so please do not attempt to call the technology giant on Sundays.


Business G Suite support – 0800 169 0455

Contact Google customer services for free on their freephone support helpline 0800 169 0455 for technical assistance with a problem with your G Suite apps. This includes their cloud computing solutions, Hangouts and company email accounts.


Write to Google

You can also send written enquiries to Google’s UK head office by posting your letters to the following address, this is also useful for complaints and for formal corporate enquiries about your Google AdWords account.

Google UK Ltd,
Belgrave House,
76 Buckingham Palace Road,
United Kingdom.