Nintendo Contact Number: 0345 60 50 247

Contact Nintendo UK by calling their official customer service telephone number 0345 60 50 247 if you require technical support with your Switch console and for store login issues with your ID.


Overview of Nintendo

Nintendo is a Japanese company that is famous for a range of gaming systems and video game franchises such as Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. Nintendo has had huge success with video game consoles such as the N64 and the Wii; their current UK offerings include the 3DS XL and Switch gaming platforms. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo is Japan’s third largest company with a market worth of $85 billion, with a huge amount of revenue coming from international sales.


UK Customer Services – 0345 60 50 247

You can phone Nintendo UK on their official customer services contact number 0345 60 50 247 for any enquiries regarding a gaming platform or video game developed by the company. For instance, callers should use this number to ask for technical support if faced with a technical issue that prevents their Switch or 3DS console from working properly. A customer service representative will provide troubleshooting advice to help restore your device or to reset Nintendo ID so that you can log into the online store. However, if you were unable to fix your issue over the phone then you may have to send your console to the Nintendo service repairs centre address listed at the bottom of the page provided that you have a warranty agreement in place. Moreover, this number is also useful for customers who are having trouble with the Nintendo eShop as a customer service representative can help redeem a download code or update your account details over the phone. Moreover, you may simply wish to contact Nintendo for help when using your amiibo figure on your Wii U or Switch console.


Nintendo Preorders – 0345 60 50 247

You can also call Nintendo on the contact number of their UK customer service department 0345 60 50 247 to ask how to make a preorder over the phone. For instance, you can ask a representative from Nintendo UK about the release date of any upcoming games or consoles before making a preorder from their UK online store. Alternatively, if the Nintendo Switch is currently unavailable then you can put your name down to be noted when it is back in stock so you can order the console prior to a Christmas rush. Notably, a preorder made from the Nintendo store will charge an account on the day of dispatch so that it can be delivered to the registered address by the release date.


Information about Call Costs

Nintendo UK uses a local rate contact number meaning that you will only be charged the standard per-minute rate for making a local call from a mobile or landline when getting in touch. However callers may be able to contact Nintendo for free if using any leftover free minutes that have been included in your monthly phone tariff deal.


Nintendo UK Phone Numbers

Nintendo UK Department UK Contact Number
Customer Services 0345 60 50 247
Alternative Customer Service Helpline 01753 483 700


Write to their UK Customer Services

If you have a warranty agreement in place then you can send a Switch or 3DS console to the address of the Nintendo Service Centre for repairs as long as your package includes a description of the item’s defect and receipt:

PO Box 4678,
SL4 9DZ,
United Kingdom