Openreach Phone Number: 0800 783 2023

Contact Openreach customer services for free on their freephone helpline number 0800 783 2023 for new BT broadband connections and for engineer support with a fault in your telephone wires.

Openreach is a subsidiary company of BT which has a monopoly on all telephone wires and internet cable boxes in the United Kingdom, therefore you should phone their freephone technical support contact number 0800 783 2023 to report damage to their vital telecommunications infrastructure. For instance if a local cable box has been vandalised or poor weather conditions have damaged your telephone wires resulting in system outages you can phone this helpline to notify their on-call engineers. This number is free to call from all UK telephones including mobiles therefore if your landline connection has been affected by a technical fault you can still contact Openreach for free.

Moreover you can dial this number to request new fibre-optic broadband connections for new properties, to update submitted plans for cable layouts and to notify them of your required time-scale. This helpline is also suitable for existing properties which are not currently connected to high-speed internet infrastructure, such as old rural properties.


Openreach complaints

You should call the Openreach customer service team on their UK phone number 0800 783 2023 to make a complaint if their engineering work has severely affected your broadband connection. You can also phone this number if they damaged your property or the local environment when installing new cable boxes. Finally you can dial this number to complain about their Openreach van drivers, for example if they have parked incorrectly or demonstrated unsafe driving whilst on the road.


Write to Openreach

Enquiries can be sent to the Openreach head office directly by sending letters to their London postal address, please note that you should report internet outages over the phone as this contact method is significantly slower than calling their contact numbers.

Openreach Customer Services,
Kelvin House,
123 Judd Street,
United Kingdom.