Virgin Media Phone Number: 0800 052 0422

Customers can phone Virgin Media for free on their UK freephone contact number 0800 052 0422 for technical support with their broadband internet and to upgrade their television package.

Virgin Media are one of the largest telecommunications groups operating in the United Kingdom offering fast fibre-optic broadband alongside a range of digital television packages, including the exclusive option to view channels from both their rival broadcasters: Sky and BT. You can phone the Virgin Media customer care department for free by dialling their freephone contact number 0800 052 0422 to sign-up to their broadband or television services. You can also phone this helpline to upgrade your existing package by adding more television channels, adding a new landline to your home and by increasing your download speeds. Alternatively if you are no longer satisfied with your Virgin Media subscription you can call this number to cancel your account, however you may be charged for leaving a fixed-term broadband contract before the pre-agreed expiry date.


Virgin Media technical support – 0345 454 1111

Ask Virgin Media for technical support by phoning their telephone contact number 0345 454 1111 where you can get troubleshooting advice regarding poor WiFi signal, slow download speeds and faulty television reception. If they are not able to fix the specific issue over the phone they will then send an engineer out at the earliest possible opportunity to repair the fault and they may have to replace your television cable or WiFi router to fix the problem, if so then contact their customer service department for details about how to claim a refund against the cost of your monthly subscription.

Virgin Media technical support lines are open from 8am-12am daily, however this may be reduced on UK bank holidays. Calls are free from Virgin Media landlines and from other providers if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your tariff, otherwise you will have to pay standard UK local call rates to your provider.


Virgin Media phone numbers from

Virgin Media customer service department Telephone contact number
General enquiries & sales 0800 052 0422
Technical support 0345 454 1111
Virgin Media Mobile 0345 600 0789
Automated bill payment helpline 0800 064 3777
Let Virgin Media know you are moving home 0345 141 0111


Write to Virgin Media

Virgin Media customers can also send letters of enquiry and complaints to the company by use of their UK postal address below, however please phone them for urgent technical issues as this is a relatively slower way of contacting their help-desk.

Virgin Media Limited,
Bartley Wood Business Park,
Bartley Way,
RG27 9UP,
United Kingdom.